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We understand, in the current financial climate, that finding spare money to indulge in your ultimate fantasy may be harder to find. Thats why we're trying to make things easy for you. By spreading your payment over a number of months* you and your partner will be able to indulge in one of the most exciting pleasure flights available.* Payment must be made in full before completing your flight.

Simply get in touch by email or phone to discuss how to spread the cost of your payment. It won't cost you any more more than normal and there is now complicated paperwork to complete. or 07960 858747

The process is Simple, Easy & Discreet

If you already know exactly what you want you can buy it here and now. All vouchers are valid for a year and you can pick a time and date that is perfect for you. Please remember we cannot guarantee and date or time due to weather conditions and other opporational factors but we will always do our best to accommodate you. Please also refer to the terms and conditions.

If like most people you like to plan your flight down to the last minute detail, send me an email or call 07960 858 747. We will be happy to explain every aspect of your experience and when your ready we'll send you an invoice.

Remember this is YOUR experience, we can pretty much provide anything* you are after, from Limo hire to Luxury Chocolates, from Champage to Caviar and Romance to Roses.
*We'll try our best but cant promise everything !!


The Big One



Spice things up with an additional passenger

Longer flights are available upon request... the longest so far was 90 minutes of passion filled pleasure.

Mile High Flight Merchandise - Coming Soon.....

We will soon have a greta range of branded clothing and memorabelia including, Pens, Mugs, Pin Badges, Umbrellas and much more

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