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If its good enough for them !

The list of members may be small but its increasing and with our help you'll be able to join without any embarrassing interventions from air-stewards, the police, the FBI, the Tabloid papers !!!

The list of proud members includes:

Sir Richard Branson read>>
Janet Jackson
Ranlph Fiennes read>>
Pamela Anderson
Reese Witherspoon* read>>
* Allegedly... please don't sue me !!

Other notorious inductees include:

David Machin & Amand Holt read>>
Trevor Blake & Nicola Fitzgerald
Carl William Persing read>>
Olga Bezmelnitsyna was spotted pleasuring work colleague Sergei Gorlov read>>


What our customers think

I would love to help this venture in any way possible, as the service you gave was incredible.
Jane - Leeds

Just to say a big thank you for all you did regarding our flight the other evening.

It was absolutely fabulous and the extra finishing touches were superb.
David - Cardiff

Your name SHOULD be here !


Featured on the Television.. Caution contains very adult themes !

Since this was filmed we are now fully up and running. Unlike the US pilots here in the UK we try to keep interaction to a minimum to ensure your privacy.

In The News

Real Life True stories... The Sun

Heres what started it all off... the Guardian Travel section !!

Since then, everyone want a piece of the action... The Sun

Of course the Telegraph Online Paper just can't believe it !! Even if earlier on in 2008 Charles Starmer-Smith knew what he was talking about.

Of course not everyone approves of the Mile Hgh Club. Singapore Airlines specifically prohibited any 'Mile High Action' on the new Airbus A380

This site declares the Death of the MHC on commercial flights... Maybe they should book a private flight of their own and experience life in comfort !

Don't take our word for it... see what Microsoft (MSN) think.

Even celebrities are getting in on the action.

Mile High Flights Hits Europe

While negotiations are still ongoing to start flying out of Europe, interest in the business and the excitement it creates is thriving. While you may not speak the native language the ideas are the same.

Sweden - Här kan du ha sex i luften

Denmark - Lovlig sex i luften

Poland - Walentynkowa oferta Mile-High Club

If you have a story or would like to share your Mile High Experiences with us then please visit the forum and share your experience with everyone.


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